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Contamac Ltd. and Tangible Science LLC Announce Licensing Agreement
Tangible Hydra-PEG Contact Lens Surfacing Technology coming to the GP Oxygen Permeable and Silicone Hydrogel Specialty Contact Lens industry

Contamac Ltd., a leader in the development of specialist polymers and a major global provider of biocompatible materials for implantable and medical applications to the ophthalmic industry, and Tangible Science LLC (formerly Ocular Dynamics LLC), whose mission is to create technologies which improve comfort for contact lens patients who experience dryness during lens wear, announced a multi-year licensing, sub-licensable, manufacturing and commercialization agreement for incorporating the Hydra-PEG Technology into Contamac’s Definitive 50 and Definitive 65 Silicone Hydrogel materials. The companies are also discussing an agreement for incorporating the Hydra-PEG Technology into Contamac’s line of Optimum GP materials.

With comfort, and more specifically discomfort being major topics of discussion throughout the industry these days, it is exciting to partner with a company that has developed an innovative technology that specifically addresses what the contact lens industry is seeking, a more comfortable lens, said Martin Dalsing, Contamac’s Director of Global Strategy and Business Development.  “With Hydra-PEG, Eye Care Professionals around the world will now be able to confidently offer their patients a more comfortable contact lens experience.”

Hydra-PEG is a technology developed to improve comfort for contact lens wearers, said Vic McCray, President and CEO of Tangible Science. “We are thrilled to partner with Contamac to provide patients the vision they require and the comfort they deserve.”

Under the new agreement, Contamac will begin the world-wide commercialization of incorporating the Hydra-PEG technology into specialty contact lenses that are manufactured in Definitive Silicone Hydrogel materials, through sub-licensing the technology to the entire Contamac Ltd. global laboratory network channel, commencing May 2015.

The Hydra-PEG technology is a permanently bonded Polyethylene Glycol (PEG) surface coating that augments contact lens wettability, lubricity, tear film surface quality, and the lens’ ability to resist protein/lipid depositions.  For GP lens wearers, whether corneal, large diameter or scleral, the patient will enjoy a substantial reduction in the adaptation period and both Silicone Hydrogel and GP lens wearers will experience improved initial, mid-day and end of day comfort.